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 +{{:​brightung:​brightung_0.3_all.deb|Click here to download brightung (version 0.3, debian package)}}
 +On Samsung N150, the brightness keys currently don't work, neither does the default brightness applet. The brightness can however be regulated through the "​setpci"​ command. This is what this applet does, with a decent interface.
 +The "​setpci"​ command must be given with superuser rights. This can be done in several ways: for instance by using the command "​visudo"​ to add the line
 +   ​%admin ALL=NOPASSWD:​ setpci
 + in the end of the sudoers file. Notice this may very well be a security treat, depending on the situation.
 +To load the applet automatically at startup, add a "​brightung"​ entry in the list of applications automatically started at the begin of each session.
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