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 +{{:momail:momail-0.1.tar.gz|Click here to download momail 0.1}}
 +===== What is momail? =====
 +Momail ("mobile" + "mail") is a program to retrieve, browse and backup sms from your
 +phone. For doing that, it uses bluetooth and the Python For S60 shell which, as
 +the name suggests, is available only for phones running Symbian S60.
 +If your mobile runs it (check at
 +if it does, and which version), installing Python For S60 is very simple: you can
 +find the .sis files (you need both PythonForS60... and PythonScriptShell...) at:
 + , just send them to the mobile and
 +install them.
 +Last version of momail can always be found at
 +===== Who's the author? =====
 +Pietro Battiston - <>
 +===== Requirements =====
 +You need (apart from a phone with Python Script Shell and a computer with a
 +dongle) the following software on your computer:
 +- pygtk
 +- bluez
 +- python-dbus
 +Those are available on all main Linux distributions.
 +===== Problems? =====
 +If momail gives errors at startup, try the following:
 +  - if it shows (at least some part of) the graphic interface:
 +    * disconnect
 +    * start momail, activate the connection from the mobile, but DON'T press "connect" in momail's connection dialog: press instead "Cancel"
 +    * in a terminal, run "cu -l /dev/rfcomm2"
 +    * press "Enter" a couple of times
 +    * press Ctrl+D
 +    * retry starting momail
 +  - if it doesn't show anything: execute '''"sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart"''' and retry
 +===== The future & wishes =====
 +Frankly speaking, I don't think the Linux/Open Source world needs a new program
 +for managing phones: it needs that the existing ones (basically opensync and
 +gammu) really work. Unfortunately, both projects seem to have huge lack of
 +organization or, more probably, manpower, which made me realize that years could
 +have passed before I could backup my sms with them. That's why in I wrote
 +momail, in my spare time during a couple of days.
 +I'd like to say "I'll better integrate my code in those apps", but this may be
 +false too: because those aren't python programs, and as far as I know don't
 +support python plugins, and also because the method of starting first the python
 +console on the mobile, on which momail relies totally, is not totally orthodox
 +(though notice that gammu's gnapplet is in the end a not much different method,
 +and it probably supports a smaller number of mobiles).
 +All this to say that I'm **not** planning to spend much time improving momail.
 +There are only a couple of things that I may want to do, and on which some
 +feedback/requests may activate me:
 +  * ability to browse backups
 +  * maybe maybe maybe, ability to also copy contacts, tasks... if on the Python for S60 documentation you see that something can be retrieved, then I can probably implement it without huge effort.
 +I _don't_ think I will ever:
 +  * add the ability to restore backups, or in general to modify anything on the phone
 +  * add the support for other methods/protocols than the python bluetooth console
 +===== Technicalities =====
 +Momail uses the "Inbox" object described in the PyS60 Library Reference
 +(PythonForS60_1_4_5_doc.pdf, which can be found here:
 + ). The documentation presents the
 +following methods do retrieve information about an sms:
 +  content() - the text of the sms
 +  time() - the time of (I suppose) receival
 +  address() - the address of the sender/receiver. This is a name if the sender
 +              is known in the address book, a telephone number otherwise.
 +  unread() - the status (read/unread) of the sms. But I don't care about.
 +I'm not really convinced this is all the information stored in the sms database
 +of a Symbian phone. For instance, I would have expected that the number _and_
 +possibly the name of the sender of an incoming message would be saved.
 +Anyway, that's all I can get. Just wanted to alert that I'm not 100% sure that
 +if you backup your sms with momail and then delete them you're not loosing some
 +(hardly useful) information.
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