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Click here to download version 1.7 of nautilus-scripts-manager.

Click here for the Debian/Ubuntu package.

What is this?

Nautilus scripts manager is a little app to help you manage your Nautilus scripts. Once installed, you'll find it in “System” → “Preferences” → “Nautilus scripts manager”

Who should I blame if this sucks?

Pietro Battiston -


The standard directory for installation of Nautilus scripts is /usr/share/nautilus-scripts. To enable them, they must be linked in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts. This is all this app does, with a nice interface.


Only nautilus and pygtk are needed (pygtk is not even a strict requirement, because a command line interface is also provided).

How to translate to my language?

You must have an account on . Then, visit

Assuming that your language doesn't exist, click “Add translation”, select your language and then “Translate online”.

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