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 +How to use the Internet connection of the computer from an Android device connected through USB. You need root access, and the Terminal Emulator installed.
 +Heavily inspired by
 +   - on the Android device, activate "USB tethering" (should be under "Wireless and network settings" on recent versions)
 +   - on the computer, start Firestarter: in the configuration dialog, give the network card currently providing Internet connection (such as "eth0", or "wlan0") and, in the following page, the network card represented by the USB cable - should be called "usb0"
 +   - on the Android device, start the Terminal Emulator: run "su", and then
 +  ip route add default via
 +NOTE: between step 2) and 3), you can:
 +  * on the Android device, (install, if you didn't, and) start the wonderful [[|WiFi Keyboard]], which makes sending any command much faster, since you can use your computer's keyboard.
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