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Linea 1: Linea 1: is a small program which takes as input an image, distinguishes its colour zones and can do some operations, such as:
 +  * paint them with new colours
 +  * count them (based on colour)
 +  * output a textual representation of them
 +===== Requirements ===== requires python, PIL (package python-imaging in Debian/Ubuntu) and scipy (package python-scipy in Debian/Ubuntu).
 +===== Usage =====
 +Just [[|download]] the app (license: [[|GPL 3.0]]), and run it (with "python image.ext", or "./ image.ext" after making it executable).
 +Run it with the "--help" argument to see available options.
 +===== Warning =====
 +There is no option to modify the "threshold" value which appears in the file for the simple reason that it isn't correctly supported (it //may// do what you want, but is incoherent, e.g. can change its behaviour if you just rotate the image).
 +===== Examples =====
 +This image (a picture of me kissing a scanner):
 +{{:zone.py_io.jpg?400|Me on a scanner}}
 +became the following:
 +{{:zone.py_io_fuori.png?400|Me on a scanner}}{{:zone.py_io_fuori_rand.png?400|Me on a scanner}}
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