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Click here to download version 2.5 of gallery-uploader.

Click here to get the Debian(/Ubuntu) package (or install it from official repositories).

What is this app?

gallery-uploader is a program that allows you to easily upload pictures to a remote Gallery ( installation. It is particularly suggested for use from Nautilus, the default (GNOME) filemanager.

Last version of gallery-uploader can always be found at

It currently supports only Gallery version 2 installations.

How do I install it?

There are two ways to install gallery-uploader:

1) Single-user, as Nautilus script: just move into the extracted folder and double-click “”. This will uninstall previous versions if detected.

2) System-wide, as standalone program: if you use Debian, or a Debian derivative, such as Ubuntu, just install the Debian package; otherwise, download and extract the tarball, then open a terminal into the extracted folder and run “sudo python install”. Notice this will install it also as a system-wide nautilus script: single users can enable it using for instance nautilus-scripts-manager (see )

3) Single-user, as standalone program: just open a terminal into the extracted folde and run “./gallery-uploader”. Do not try to install with “python” to private directories: it won't work.

What are its requirements?

You need

  • Python (version 2.6 or higher),
  • python-xdg,
  • python-argparse (already present in Python 2.7),
  • pygtk (2.12 or later should work, though 2.14 is required for usage in standalone mode; the version of the gtk+ libraries must be 2.16 or later),

all preinstalled in many Linux installations, and

If python-gnomekeyring is present, passwords will be safely stored with GNOME Keyring.

Gallery-uploader was created to be used from Nautilus, GNOME's default filemanager, but it is in no way tied to it: if you prefer, you can use it from shell, by giving the names of the images to load as arguments. If it doesn't get any argument, it will open a small browser which can be used to select the desired pictures. This browser, which makes gallery-uploader a real standalone program, requires the additional dependence python-gnome in order to work.

Old configuration files

Until version 1.11, Gallery-uploader relied on another library: gup. Its configuration files may be left in a folder called “.gup” inside your home directory. The first time you run a newer version of Gallery-uploader, it will import them automatically. Afterwhile, if you do not use gup directly, you can safely delete that folder.

Who should I blame if this sucks?

Pietro Battiston -

How to translate to my language?

You must have an account on . Then, visit

Assuming that your language doesn't exist, click “Add translation”, select your language and then “Translate online”.

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