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How to package a git upstream snapshot with git-buildpackage


Let us assume we want package the last upstream git snapshot of gedit-latex using git-buildpackage.

The upstream repo is at


and you want to package current state of branch “master”. The packaging repo is at


and the packaging work is done in branch “master”.

If there is no packaging repo, just create one!


  • Clone packaging repo (if not already present locally):
git clone git://
cd gedit-latex
  • Fetch required upstream branch (calling it something different than “master”!):
git remote add uprepo git://
git fetch uprepo
git branch upsnap --track uprepo/master
  • Apply any change you may need to the Debian packaging you may need:
git branch debsnap 
git checkout debsnap
  • You may now want to edit the (or add a new ) the last debian/changelog entry:
git-dch --debian-branch=debsnap --snapshot

(or “–release” if your intention is to publish this package)… and then edit it, mentioning the upstream snapshot you are packacing:

git show upsnap | head -n 1
gedit debian/changelog
git commit debian/changelog -m "Packaging `git show upsnap | head -n 1`"
  • Finally, build it:
git-buildpackage --git-upstream-branch=upsnap --git-debian-branch=debsnap
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