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My experience with an HP Pavilion tx2500 and intrepid.

Please tell me if you find errors, missing information or a “more institutional” wiki to host this page: toobaz [at] email [dot] it.


General info

  • “sudo dmidecode | grep tx” says:
  Product Name: HP Pavilion tx2500 Notebook PC
  • Actually, I think I bought mine as a tx2510 US.

Useful links

There are several threads and many (too many, that's why I thought this page would be useful) pages of forum discussions on this laptop and Ubuntu:

In particular, I must thank users thegnark and gali98 for support.


To enable audio, just add the line:

  options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=toshiba position_fix=1

at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.

Notice the following line was also suggested:

  options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=acer

with it sound does work, but speakers keep playing when headphones are plugged in, so use the former.


In Restricted Drivers Manager (System → Administration → Restricted Drivers), enable “wl” driver and reboot.

(In the same window, ATI restricted drivers can be enabled to have grafic acceleration working: I found them unstable, but it was several weeks ago, I'll try again)

Notice there are problems to connect to some WPA Enterprise wireless networks; the following bugs/threads could be of interest:

I also tried adding to my software sources (System → Administration → Software sources):

  deb intrepid main

but having last version of network-manager didn't help.


Rotation and buttons

This post contains a very useful script which will take care of rotating screen, touchscreen recognition and something with fonts. However, it contains a typo that after several weeks still wasn't fixed, so I'm providing a fixed version. I also created a very simple icon if you want to add a launcher on a panel.

Notice that you have to make executable to use it: right-click it, choose “Properties”, then “Permissions” and check the last checkbox.

The two buttons I have under the screen don't work at all. The “DVD” and multimedia ones do.

The “rotate” button (the one under “DVD”) is recognized but not enabled by default. To make it work, in a terminal give the command


then browse to apps → metacity → global_keybindings, find “run_command_1”, click on “disabled” and type instead “0xc9”. Finally, click “keybinding_commands”, find “command_1” and instead of “disabled” type the path of the “” script.

(if you're curious, this special value “0xc9” was found just pushing the button in the keyboard shortcuts manager)

(Also notice that this has a negative side effect: the small button over the touchpad sends the same signal, so if you push it, the screen rotates. However, I never push it…)


Worked out of the box, but at wakeup mouse and keyboard didn't work (bug #23497), problem can be solved this way.

Fingerprint reader

Did work, then I reinstalled and at the moment I can't find the howto I followed at the time. It implies installing package fprint-demo and editing a pair of files (one was /etc/pam.d/common-auth). Some useful info if you speak Italian is here.

Remote control

It just works! (almost all of its buttons do)

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