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My experience with an HP Pavilion tx2500 and Ubuntu Jaunty.

Please tell me if you find errors, missing information or a “more institutional” wiki to host this page: toobaz [at] email [dot] it.


General info

  • “sudo dmidecode | grep tx” says:
  Product Name: HP Pavilion tx2500 Notebook PC
  • Actually, I think I bought mine as a tx2510 US.

Jaunty vs. Intrepid

You may had already read this page. Some of the information may be still useful, still, the majority may be outdated, and I've copied here what I thought could still be relevant.


To enable audio, just add the line:

  options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=toshiba position_fix=1

at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base (then reboot).

Notice I opened a bug on ALSA bugtracker, but it's not helping the issue getting fixed.


In Restricted Drivers Manager (System → Administration → Restricted Drivers), enable “wl” driver and reboot. If “wl” is already enabled, disable it and enable it again, since otherwise - as far as I understood, it won't blacklist “ssb”, which conflicts with it.


Rotation and buttons

The script I used in Intrepid (taken from this post) stopped working because xrandr gives now a different name to the monitor: here's an updated version.

I also created a very simple icon if you want to add a launcher on a panel.

Notice that you have to make executable to use it: right-click it, choose “Properties”, then “Permissions” and check the last checkbox.

In the field of buttons, there was unfortunately some regression since Intrepid: now the “rotate” button, which in Intrepid could be manually configured to trigger the rotate script, is now recognized as XF86AudioMedia (which means that as default, it will start the media program - Rhythmbox, I think), while the “DVD” button, which used to (justly) be recognized as XF86AudioMedia, is now totally inactive.

The two buttons I under the screen still don't work at all, as in Intrepid.


Worked out of the box, but at wakeup mouse and keyboard didn't work. The problem can be solved by adding


as a boot option (find the line which starts with

 # kopt=root=

and all the lines which start with


; add “i8042.reset” at the end of each one).

Fingerprint reader

The device just works (try package fprint-demo and then run “fprint-demo”), however I didn't have the time and information to set up it properly.

Remote control

It just works! (almost all of its buttons do)

But I had to install the last version of the BIOS, from HP website (and yes, I had to do it under Vista…)

ACPI wakeup

Doesn't work if HPET is enabled, as reported in bug 307090. The problem can be solved by adding


as a boot option (see Suspend/hibernate).

Thermal sensors

The dsdt of the BIOS (I have no idea of what it is) is flawed, and thinks only Windows is eligible to access it; the problem can be solved by following this procedure.

External monitor

System → Preferences → Visualization doesn't work, at least not reliably (I'm using the fglrx proprietary modules).

However, just attaching the VGA cable, opening a terminal and giving the command:

  xrandr --auto

always solved the situation (it clones the desktop, doesn't extend it), so my presentations went just fine…

Ethernet card

The card (Realtek RTL8111/8168B) works perfectly at startup, but stops collaborating after a resume + suspend. Apparently, rmmod/modprobing the module r8169 which drives it doesn't help.

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