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Click here to download release_maker 1.4

What is this?

release_maker is a small program that helps me prepare releases of some programs I develop, including gallery-uploader, Nautilus scripts manager, ddupes and release_maker itself.

It is published mainly because I don't like to give away my programs without making available a tool that I use to produce them, but it is absolutely reasonable that some free software out there, or some git capability, does the same things, possibly better.

Anyway, features:

  • git integration (the program must be versioned in git)
  • (GTK) graphic interface
  • dialog to update changelog
  • automatic updating of version number in program python files, in the and in gtk.Builder interface descriptions (in the “About” dialog)
  • compilation of docbook manuals to manpages
  • compilation of .po files to .mo files

release_maker is written by Pietro Battiston ( You can always get the last version of release_maker at


Are you joking?! Nobody's gonna read this anyway.

OK… a hint: the program must have a “” file in the root directory (of the git repo). To grasp an idea of what it must contain, take a look at the ones provided with the programs mentioned above.

Then, the program assumes that you want to release exactly the current state of the branch, and that there are no uncommitted changes.

If you have any problem, just write me.

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