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How to use the Internet connection of the computer from an Android device connected through USB. You need root access, and the Terminal Emulator installed.

Heavily inspired by

  1. on the Android device, activate “USB tethering” (should be under “Wireless and network settings” on recent versions)
  2. on the computer, start Firestarter: in the configuration dialog, give the network card currently providing Internet connection (such as “eth0”, or “wlan0”) and, in the following page, the network card represented by the USB cable - should be called “usb0”
  3. on the Android device, start the Terminal Emulator: run “su”, and then
ip route add default via

NOTE: between step 2) and 3), you can:

  • on the Android device, (install, if you didn't, and) start the wonderful WiFi Keyboard, which makes sending any command much faster, since you can use your computer's keyboard.
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