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Click here to download version 1.1 of smss.

Click here to get the Debian(/Ubuntu) package.

What is this?

Smss (Short Message System System) is a simple graphic application to send a Short Message, better known as SMS, to a list of telephone numbers.

It will use your mobile, which can be connected via cable or bluetooth.

Once installed, you can find it in “Applications” → “Utilities” → “Smss”.

Notice that if you just need to send one sms at a time to one friend, gnome-phone-manager may be what you're looking for (though last time I used it it crashed).

Who should I blame if this sucks?

Nobody. This is a very simple program with very poor ambitions, and absolutely no warranty that any problem will ever be solved.

Still, you can try to expose your problems with it, and I may want to take a look at them: Pietro Battiston -

It says my mobile is unusable!

Close and restart, usually the problem disappears. If after 2-3 times it still doesn't work, break your phone with a hammer and retry (again, there is no warranty that this method will work).

Also, if you're using bluetooth make sure your mobile and your computer are paired.

Smss was tested on 3 models of mobiles, and on 2 of them it usually worked. “Roughly technically” speaking, I think that it should work on all phones with DUN capabilities.

What "list" does it want?!

A list of numbers: the recipients of the SMS. You must provide a file containing them. The file can contain other stuff, like for instance the names of the recipients for ease of compilation: the important thing is that each number (which can optionally start with “+”) must be at the beginning of a line.


Apart from python, you need python-bluetooth, python serial and (a decently recent version of) python-gtk2.

How to translate to my language?

Take the file po/messages.pot, copy it to “yourlanguagecode.po” (e.g. “fr.po”), edit it with poedit. Then, from the base directory, give the following command (replace “fr” with your language code):

msgmft po/fr.po -o locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/

Finally, send me the .po file so I can include it in the distribution.

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