Strumenti Utente

Strumenti Sito is a small program which takes as input an image, distinguishes its colour zones and can do some operations, such as:

  • paint them with new colours
  • count them (based on colour)
  • output a textual representation of them

Requirements requires python, PIL (package python-imaging in Debian/Ubuntu) and scipy (package python-scipy in Debian/Ubuntu).


Just download the app (license: GPL 3.0), and run it (with “python image.ext”, or “./ image.ext” after making it executable).

Run it with the “–help” argument to see available options.


There is no option to modify the “threshold” value which appears in the file for the simple reason that it isn't correctly supported (it may do what you want, but is incoherent, e.g. can change its behaviour if you just rotate the image).


This image (a picture of me kissing a scanner):

Me on a scanner

became the following:

Me on a scannerMe on a scanner · Ultima modifica: 2010/10/23 22:00 da